Different marijuana strains can smell like flowers, diesel, or lemons

My child moved to Denver to attend school plus he decided to stay in the city when he was done with his degree, he got a nice job working in Denver at a loan financing corporation; I missed my child a great deal plus I called him particularly often.

I also made a couple of trips out to see him, however during a single of those trips, I decided to try recreational marijuana.

I didn’t suppose anything at all about recreational marijuana. I wasn’t particularly blissful at first to find out that my child was using drugs. He convinced me that marijuana was medicine plus he told me all about the great things that can happen when you use marijuana biweekly, then marijuana can help with chronic pain, anxiety, ptsd, plus muscle spasms. It can be used to help with Parkinson’s, several sclerosis, crohn’s disease, plus HIV symptoms. Different marijuana strains can smell like flowers, lemons, or gas, but the scents come from the numerous terpenes inside of the marijuana strain. Terpenes also help the body by relieving anxiety plus acting as antioxidants. There are lots of unusual terpenes, despite the fact that I found out that my favorite is limonene. I tried a marijuana strain with my child that was called lemon pound cake. It tasted particularly lemony plus it was a big surprise. My child explained about terpenes. The experience trying marijuana for the first time was educational plus enlightening. I don’t suppose I would use marijuana again. I fell asleep after talking for an hour plus then eating everything in the home office. It was an interesting experience, but not particularally enjoyable.
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