I finally gave Vegas some of my time

When I was a child our family moved down south, and lived just a few miles away from Disney World and Epcot Center.

My folks got us season passes to both parks, and for a few years the people I was with and I were a “theme park family.” Once or twice a week the people I was with and I would visit the parks and ride all of the rides. By the time I was a teenager, I was so beyond burned out that I never wanted to get on another roller coaster again! The old expression “too much of a good thing” is accurate because I haven’t been to a theme park in 10 years now, then i suppose deranged saying this now, even though I never visited Las Vegas before due to that aversion to theme parks, then from a distance, Las Vegas always seemed prefer a theme park the size of a city, only with a lot more vice involved… Once I took our first Las Vegas weekend, our whole perspective changed, mostly because of the cannabis, however legal cannabis casts Las Vegas in a whole current light for me. It helped myself and others see beyond the artifice and the dazzling neon and realize that Las Vegas has a small neighborhood mentality behind it. The people of Las Vegas are so nice and friendly, they look out for each other and their numerous visitors. Tourism is the lifeblood of Las Vegas, and if you suppose where to look there are a lot of genuine, down-to-earth sites to see and people to meet. I had pre-judged Las Vegas, and was cheerful to find out how wrong I had been.

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