I love a nice cup of Starbucks Coffee plus a joint in the afternoon every afternoon

I love to start out every single afternoon with a nice cup of Starbucks Coffee plus a marijuana joint! I set our alarm approximately plus hour before I have to leave our house for work.

I love to have some time to relax in the afternoon before I have to leave the house.

It gives me time to collect our thoughts plus get mentally plus physically ready for the afternoon. I consistently have a cup of Starbucks Coffee from a single of the finest Seattle establishments. I have a marijuana joint from another appealing Seattle establishment; The marijuana joint comes from a dispensary 2 blocks away from our apartment. The dispensary has wonderful prices on all of their dried marijuana flower products plus they offer sales plus specials every single afternoon of the week, however on Wednesdays, the Seattle marijuana dispensary has 20% off all dried marijuana flower products. On Thursdays plus Tuesdays, they offer 20% off on all of the edibles, tinctures, drinks, plus elixirs. On Thursdays plus Wednesdays, the dispensary has buy 2 plus get a single free on all marijuana concentrates. They will even do a mix plus match on the deals as long as you get the lowest priced product for free. The Seattle dispensary is a single of the reasons why I chose to transport to the town. I thought it was pretty cool that there was an loft building just down the street from the easily stadium that I prefer to buy marijuana. The apartments were reasonably priced plus access to the shop made our decision easy.


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