The labels for the new product include our city and state

My family and I own a small marijuana farm just outside of San Francisco.

The farm has been in the family for four generations. It didn’t start out as a marijuana farm, but during the last ten years we made a decision to join the medical and recreational cannabis industry. That decision has led to much growth and prosperity on the farm. The marijuana farm is located just south of the bay area. We absolutely have great weather for farming. There’s a little bit of moisture and lots of sun during the day. We have several marijuana strains that are inside of a greenhouse and we have several that are grown outside in the sun. We recently started sending marijuana strains to several different San Francisco stores. We have to have labels on all of the products that display all of the information for the marijuana product. The information has to include the marijuana strain, total cannabinoids, THC percentage, and geographical location about the product. If the product was packaged in Sonoma valley, it will be proudly displayed somewhere on the marijuana product. The labels for our new marijuana products include our city and state. We chose to use San Francisco as the city, because it is much more well-known than the small place where the farm is located. Someday we might do tours of the marijuana farm and then we will have to have a much more specific product label created, but right now it seems just fine to say that the marijuana was grown on a farm in San Francisco, CA.

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