The new dispensary director is not really kind or friendly

My friends and I have been working at the Denver marijuana dispensary location for the past 6 weeks.

The boss was a really easy going woman who consistently gave us a flexible schedule.

If both of us needed a day off for some reason, she changed things around so could have the day off. The new dispensary director is not really kind or friendly, she does not give us a flexible schedule and she is not really easy going. She started working at the dispensary about a week ago… Our old boss abruptly quit with no warning or 2 week notice. The owner of the dispensary brought in a woman that used to work in the sales department. The director has never really worked inside of a marijuana dispensary, especially not one as stressed as this one in denver. The Denver dispensary is located close to the airport and near several unusual hotels, we frequently have orders to the hotels and our old boss used to batch the orders together so both of us could save time on the deliveries. The new boss sends us out on one delivery at a time even if both of us have to drive all over the locale. It really does not make sense to drive around Denver aimlessly, while both of us could be doing things more efficiently if she took time to look at the orders. I really hope that the new boss will not be here for really long. She is going to drive down sales at the Denver marijuana dispensary, however every time she is on the floor, she has a scowl and nasty look on her face. That’s not hot and inviting to our clients.


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