The new lady is a skilled worker that is NATE certified

Only the best Heating plus Air Conditioning servicemans are Nate certified, and in order to be Nate certified for Heating plus Air Conditioning repairs, you have to toil hard plus take exams.

I rarely see Nate certified companys in the Phoenix area, because it costs money to get your certification, these mornings everyone is toiling hard plus just trying to get from 1 week to the next.

It’s hard to spend extra money when it is not necessary for your task. I was entirely surprised when an application came across my desk for an Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman in the Phoenix area. The company was a Nate Certified serviceman plus a woman. It’s rare to find both of those in the Heating plus Air Conditioning field plus even more rare to see a woman in phoenix. I contacted the Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman plus she came to the office for an interview. The woman was very polite plus confident, but she was knowledgeable plus clearly skilled. She answered every single question with confidence plus I had no doubt that she was going to be a good addition to our dealer. I provided her the base starting rate, although she was not going to take it unless I was going to offer three more dollars an hour. I knew it was worth the extra money to have the certified serviceman on my staff, but I told the current serviceman not to discuss her spend money rate with anyone else on the crew, but only my senior servicemans make that amount of money plus I am not prepared to provide everyone a raise at this time.



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