The nightlife for senior citizens in Tampa Bay is off the hook

I moved to Tampa Bay to retire, not realizing at the time that it was Party Central for people in my age bracket.

In general the state of Florida is widely known for being a hotspot for senior citizens and retirees.

There are several reasons for this, namely the humidity and warmth of the climate, and the lack of a state income tax. Florida is a good place to live, and it draws in the old people from all over the country – old people like, and my wife Helen. We moved here two years ago, and ever since we have been having the time of our lives. Tampa Bay always has something fun going on, and our social calendar has never been more active. I have been told that the nightlife for trendy young people is amazing in Tampa, but I will never know for sure. I can only speak for myself and Helen, who have never felt more alive than we have since moving to Tampa Bay. A few weeks ago we threw a party of our own for the first time, and invited many of our friends to Tampa and St. Pete. Before it started Helen called a local HVAC company to send out a tech. I wasn’t aware of anything being wrong with the air conditioner, but Helen was just wanting to be safe. The heat and humidity in Tampa Bay can get pretty extreme, and she didn’t want to risk the AC breaking down in the middle of our first party. Better safe than sorry I suppose.

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