We had some trouble with the website

It is very important for any small business to have a website. Advertising in the newspaper isn’t enough anymore. Many people don’t watch television either and the radio is becoming outdated as well. If you really want to get sales, then online advertising is a must. Advertising your business or company online is one of the best ways to get customers. Many studies show that online businesses have at least 50% more sales than other competitors with no online presence at all. My wife and I were having some trouble with our HVAC unit and we went to the website for the Phoenix contractor that handles all of our repairs. Normally, my wife and I can easily make an appointment on the website. There is a spot to add your name, address, phone number, and details about the repair. My wife and I have used the online form several different times to make an appointment with the Phoenix HVAC contractor. This time we did not have success. Every time we hit the make appointment button, we ended up on a page with a 404 error. I finally gave up and decided to contact the Phoenix HVAC contractor. I told the contractor what problems we were having and he helped me make an appointment for the next day. I also told the contractor that the website was not working very well and that the two of us had several issues trying to make an appointment. The guy on the phone thanked us for giving him the heads up and promised that he would have someone from the internet technology department look at the website immediately.

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