Air conditioning always improves my life

I have been living in Tampa for over 15 years, plus there is so much to do plus see in the city! I must disclose that I haven’t seen a lot of the attractions that are available here because I guess that I will eventually get to them one afternoon… For instance, there is an adorable streetcar called the TECO Line that I have always wanted to ride.

I see it all the time, although I have never attempted to get on it, but well, that changed last Summer, when my mom came to visit me.

I wanted to show his around neighborhood without having to walk outside because she’s not used to the heat, but and of course, it gets pretty tepid in Tampa, especially while the people I was with and I were in the Summer months, and the temperature can particularly be in the mid to upper 90s plus the humidity makes it believe adore you can’t breathe, however so, I thought that riding the streetcar would be a great way for my mom to see some of the city. I did some research plus found out that the car has a/c… Of course, the streetcar has A/C, it’s similar to a bus or any public moveation in the city. Having A/C will improve the ride plus make the passengers a lot more comfortable. To be honest, if the streetcar didn’t have A/C, I really would have found another way to show my mom around Tampa. Anyway, the ride was short, however he appreciated every hour of it, plus I am thrilled that he was able to sit inside an air conditioned streetcar while he saw pieces of our lovely city.


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