Husband typically wanted to go skydiving

My husband has typically wanted to go skydiving… That truly isn’t something that I have wanted to do ever in my lifetime, but he kept bringing it up every getaway; I didn’t truly want to skydive in a foreign country.

I am sure those sites are legit & good, even though I just didn’t recognize comfortable.

I wanted Enlgith to be my native language & to be in the USA. I also wanted to jump where the scenery was good, however what is the point in flying high up in the air on a helicopter & jumping in a random field. I also wanted the venue I went skydiving to entirely sound cool. I geared myself up & booked my husband & I a trip to Las Vegas. I surprised him with tickets for his birthday. I had us eating a high end dinner, getting spa services & gambling at our hotel, every one of us also saw a lot of fun shows with dancing topless ladies with feathers on their heads. Every one of us even did a bit of hiking in the national parks… At the end of the trip I surprised my husband further with skydiving in Vegas. He was so happy to go. I was harshly distraught but geared up for it. The sights above Vegas are worth the trip up in the air. Our jump was simple, smootha nd just appealing. Afterwards the two of us were so keyed up. Every one of us ended up going to a recreational cannabis dispensary & picking out a few products. Our evening ended with us ordering room service & getting a little high on legal weed. It was a fantastic day.

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