Keeping up with the hockey season when I travel

It made it for a more exciting season

I am a giant time hockey fan! I consistently go to a professional game whenever possible, but what is sweet is that work has myself and others travel a bunch. I am frequently in a peculiar state, but in a major city, and just about all the major cities I travel to have a professional team. I seem to travel during the playoff season. If I happen to be in a town with a playoff game, I buy tickets. It makes traveling for work that much more exciting. I get to see all peculiar teams and stay with it during the season. I frequently catch a Tampa FL game since I travel there a lot and the team goes quite far. I also have gotten to see the Las Vegas Golden Knights play before, and last year I legitimately lucked out that the Colorado Avalanche went all the way to the cup. I was consistently in Denver for work. I was giving meetings, presenting and managing a team there. I was stuck in the area for almost more than one weeks. It was during the playoffs though. I got tickets to every game available… Nose bleeds or great seats, it didn’t matter. I was able to watch the game almost until the cup, the Colorado Avalanche ended up winning the Stanley Cup too. It was legitimately good that the team I watched the most and followed was the winner. It made it for a more exciting season. I legitimately enjoyed our time in Denver, CO. It wasn’t just hockey or the fact that recreational marijuana is legal there. The people were good and there was lots to do.


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