Moving to Lowell was actually a great thing for me

I used to live in California.

Constantly people were coming to visit me.

I never realized how many “friends” I had until I lived in a sunny, fun state. Suddenly everyone wanted to fly and stay with me. I realized that I was a vacation hub. Everyone wanted to take advantage of the fact that I lived in the city, a nice one. They wanted to sit on the beach, try legal recreational weed and have a free vacation. I got the joys of being their taxi, maid, cook and cleaner. I started to get to the point that I wanted to tell everyone that I was no longer the free airbnb. Work solved that for me though. I got a promotion that requires me to move to Michigan. What do you know about that state? Absolutely nothing right? All I knew was it was cold there. When I saw my city was Lowell, I knew it was perfect. I didn’t know anything about the area. What is better is that nobody else did either. Suddenly all of these friends that had to see my multiple times a year didn’t have time for me. My family no longer wanted to stay at my house for weeks at a time. I actually got to enjoy my home in peace and quiet. Joke is on them. Lowell is awesome. I like that it is smaller, quieter and a lot cooler. I got sick of the hot weather. Actually getting snow is a real treat. Another pro is that Lwoell offers recreational weed. There are some amazing dispensaries here. I know my freeloader friends would love the area. I am not telling them that though.

Recreational Cannabis Store Lowell MI