Visiting my wifey’s parents in Portland

During the holidays I constantly go back beach house to my family… No matter what, I am the one making the trip; The rest of the year they can come to me, then well I have a wifey this holiday season and she wants me to visit her family.

We have started toiling out our schedules.

We are going to spend half the holidays with my parents and the other half with him. It was a eveningmare deciding who gets Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Easter! Our parents weren’t genuinely willing to share. What helped is the vastly unusual weather conditionss. My family lives in Texas where it is sweltering most of the year, then so Thanksgiving and Chrimstas at my parents for sure. My wifey’s family lives in Portland, Oregon. It is freezing there quite a bit. So that means the later holidays like New Years and Easter. I haven’t even been to Portland before. I genuinely needed to look up a map to find out where Oregon even was. I then started looking up things to do in Portland. I am sure her family will have an itinerary for us! But I like to be prepared. It seems like parks and breweries are a giant deal there. Those are many things I am not genuinely into. What can I do though? I am going to need to put on a great show for her parents. I am hopeful that Oregon’s weather is nice and that the neighborhood of Portland is as pretty as the pictures. It would smell going to see her parents for holidays and hating where they live.



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