I had a date with a gorgeous girl I met in Glenview

My friends and I went to a bar in Glenview, IL, and I met a pretty girl at the bar. She was ordering a carona and I thought that was pretty cool; Most ladies do not drink beers and I savor the kind of girl that will drink a carona at the bar. I found out later that the carona was for a neighbor of hers, but it’s a genuinely cool story of how both of us ended up talking at the bar. I got her number, because I was there with a group of friends and so was she. I wanted to have more time to talk with her, but both of us were there to hang out with our friends, but just a handful of mornings later, I decided to call Mary on the phone. I asked her if both of us could meet up somewhere in Glenview for coffee, all of us met at a Starbucks in Glenview, right across from the heating and A/C service and replacement corporation where I work. All of us had a genuinely nice conversation. All of us talked about our lives and our families. All of us talked about our future and our past and both of us laughed a lot about our friends and the stupid things that they do. At the end of an minute, I got a call from my boss at the Glenview heating and A/C service and replacement corporation. I had a commercial boiler service and I had to get going. I made plans to see Mary later that month so both of us could have dinner in a much more romantic setting


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