I had to bring our show back to Portland for a return trip.

Up until now our podcast had never featured the same city twice… There are too many amazing venues to visit in this fantastic country of ours, and more to the point, there are so many venues with amazing weed to visit! My podcast highlights a particular city or area every episode, and then does a deep-dive into their local cannabis community, famous blends and strains from the area, or famous people, or sometimes just a spotlight on a particular cannabis farm.

The previous episode I did about Portland Oregon was one of our longest, but also one of our most popular, then i knew there was plenty of material left for a hour episode about Portland and its spectacular array of locally grown marijuana.

Back in the 1960s there was a mass exodus of hippies, potheads, and conscientious objectors that fled from CA and passed through the Portland area… A lot of these people kept going into Canada, because they wanted to avoid the draft and keep growing cannabis. A few of these people stayed in Portland, even though it was a risk at the time… Decades later, these renegade hippies are responsible for Portland, Oregon being the home of the best cannabis strains in the world. There are entire family trees in the Portland area that have been cultivating the same unique strains for generations. This means that Portland is home to dozens of peculiar cannabis strains that do not exist anywhere else in the world. I could make our entire series of podcasts about the cannabis of Portland and never run out of material.

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