I told my girlfriend we need at least a dozen joints

My girlfriend and I went to California for our honeymoon.

We stayed near Los Angeles, because I have a family member that has a house on the beach. She offered to let us stay in the California residence that is right outside of Beverly hills. Beverly Hills is one of the cities where all of the stars seem to shop and live. There are a lot of businesses, shopping, and celebrity sightings in Beverly hills. My girlfriend wanted to go there for the day and hang out downtown just to see if we could run into someone famous. I thought the idea sounded like a lot of fun, but I told my girlfriend that we needed at least a dozen joints if we were going to walk around all day. I had a half ounce of marijuana that that I bought from a local delivery service. The delivery service didn’t charge very much money for the half ounce of marijuana and we got edibles and a bottle of oil as well. My girlfriend and I sat down at the table in the house and we started rolling up joints from the half ounce. We rolled up two packs of cones. We had 12 joints ready to go. We took an Uber into Beverly Hills and we started walking around. I had all of the marijuana joints in my backpack. When we got tired or needed a break, we found a place to sit down and relax and enjoy one of the pre-rolled marijuana joints. I’m glad that we decided to think ahead and prepare for the day.

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