Ice fishing is a lot of fun on our day off

I was married for 5 years and our spouse and I did everything that she wanted to do, but i never got to do things that were fun that I wanted to do because she was absolutely controlling; When the relationship ended, I vowed that I was going to stay single for a long time.

I wanted to be single so I could do anything that I wanted.

I never used to be able to go ice fishing with our friends in the winter… My wifey wanted myself and others to stay cabin with her… She complained if I spent the whole day with our buddies. Ice fishing is a sport that I savor a wonderful deal. My friends and I go every Sunday now. I work 5 nights a month at an Orland Park Heating in addition to Air Conditioning service provider; The Orland Park Heating in addition to Air Conditioning service provider offers service and replacement services on a number of bizarre products savor boilers, heating systems, heat pumps, walk-in coolers, and Air conditioners. Sometimes I work 50 hours while the people I was with and I were in the week, but on Sundays when I have our day off, all I want to do is hang out with our friends. This Sunday I caught a bunch of fish out on the lake. My friends and I were near the area of the water that hasn’t quite frozen completely yet and it was a wonderful spot where the fish were biting all morning, but by the time I got cabin later that afternoon, our arms were sore. There were a couple of fish that put up a particularly superb confrontation and I was exhausted and ready to take a nap.

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