Opening a new kind of cannabis dispensary in Seattle

No matter where you go in this great country of ours, you will find nerds.

What sets the nerds of Seattle apart from the others is success.

This city has a long and notable history, but the last few decades of that history have been dominated by nerds. The result is a city that caters not only to the smartest people around, but the smart people who have money. Seattle is a bastion for the Rich Nerd, who are very prevalent in the computer tech industry. I am not smart, I am not a nerd, but I knew Seattle would be a perfect market for my experimental new store that combines a cannabis dispensary with a comic book and collectable shop. On paper this was a perfect combination, and Seattle was the perfect place to try it out. Whenever people go to a cannabis dispensary they usually shop, pay, and leave… but what if there was a reason to stay? Even if the people of Seattle didn’t want to spend extra money on comics and toys they might want to hang around the dispensary and look. The goal was to get the customers to stay at the cannabis dispensary for as long as possible, because the longer they stayed the more money they would spend. Not to mention the fact that having comics and toys along with cannabis would make my shop stand out from all the others in Seattle. There are dozens of different cannabis dispensaries in Seattle, but mine will be utterly unique. Let’s roll the dice and hope it all works out.

Medical Weed Shop Seattle WA