Rocklin real estate is cheaper than the city

The price of real estate in Rocklin, California is a lot cheaper than other places in Placer county.

It’s definitely a lot cheaper than living in sacramento.

My girlfriend and I were living in an apartment in Sacramento and we were paying $1,300 a month. We found a house in Rocklin for the same price. We thought the house was a great deal, until we found out that all repairs to the heating and AC system have to be paid for by me. Unless the heating or AC system needs to be replaced, repairs are my responsibility. We’ve had a couple of problems with the heating and AC system. Thankfully, my brother works as an HVAC technician. He does not live in rocklin, so it’s about a 45 minute drive for him to get to the house. He came last week to look at the heating and AC system and gave me some bad news. The system needs to be replaced and it’s going to cost a lot of money. My brother didn’t think I’d want to hear that news, but to be honest, that is good news. The owner of the house has to pay for the new system and I can stop putting a few hundred dollars into the AC every couple of months for repairs. Now that the house is getting a new heating and AC system, I might even think about putting in an offer to see if the owner would sell. If he would take 10% under market, I would be a new home buyer.


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