How old do I need to be to purchase marijuana in Denver, CO?

I asked my brother how old I needed to be to purchase marijuana here in Denver? I ended up with the longest lecture of my life.

My brother explained that the legal drinking age had always been twenty-one, ever since he could remember.

He thought it may have been eighteen for a short time, but that was in the seventies. When he said he couldn’t understand why I could not get it through my thick head, I opened my mouth. I knew it wasn’t a good thing to do, but I was young and dumb. Not only wasn’t I thinking that my brother was my legal guardian and had to show me right from wrong, but I remembered him using marijuana when he was my age. The words were out of my mouth before I realized I was talking. I told him I remembered him smoking marijuana when I was a lot younger. I thought the laws were different for marijuana than they were for drinking alcohol. My brother backed off and told me that Denver, CO, keeps the legal age for drinking, smoking marijuana and anything else that could be harmful, at twenty-one. He didn’t live anywhere else to know if they do it differently. I apologized for being so snarky, but sometimes my brother really gets to me. I know mom and dad left him as my legal guardian, but he has no right to lecture me. Mom and dad still do that enough whenever they call to check up on us both, and he knows how much he enjoys that.

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