My sister told me to look at Alsip, IL while in Chicago.

The two of us enjoyed the food and a day away from the meetings

I was in Chicago for a conference, and I was getting bored, and i called my sister and told her I was tired of sitting in meetings all day, and I needed something to do. It was sizzling and humid and I could not handle much more of the poor a/c in the hotel; She told me to check out Alsip, IL while in Chicago; Alsip was a suburb of Chicago, and she knew that I liked touring small cemeteries whenever I traveled. I told her thank you, and went online, they had 3 famous cemeteries that were historical, then one cemetery provided a ghost tour, of famous gangsters and villains. I thought it would be a lot of fun, and convinced some of the people I knew to go along with me. It was sizzling in the city, however not too poor in Alsip. The hot and cold temperatures were in the upper eighties, however there was a lot of shade in the cemeteries. The best area of our trip outside of Chicago, was when every one of us made the choice to go to the Dakota Inn. It was a lively bar and grill that provided karaoke. The two of us spent most of the day enjoying the a/c while watching people sing, or who thought they could. The two of us enjoyed the food and a day away from the meetings. After a few craft beers, my buddy got up on stage and convinced me to sing with him. It was difficult sing neither of us could carry a tune, however every one of us were having a blast. The two of us caught a taxi that would take us back to our hotel, however none of us were in a condition to drive.

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