What is a weed establishment?

I had been studying about marijuana establishments, although I could not understand what they were talking about, however ever since Muskegon, MI has legalized recreational marijuana there have been a lot of changes… I understood they were aware that the legalization of marijuana often spiked the amount of marijuana arrests because of public use.

In order to keep this from happening in Muskegon, MI, the laws also allowed for the use of marijuana establishments.

What is a marijuana establishment, and some states allow restaurants to have a BYOB license… This eliminates the need for a license to sell alcohol. People can bring their own, unopened bottles of alcohol, & they pay the establishment an uncorking fee. The marijuana establishment works under the same principle, then you can bring your own marijuana & prefer the night in a safe environment. The location is approved & supported by the local municipality, which in our case is Muskegon, MI. The area is identified as suitable for cannabis consumption & smoke-free areas. The smoke-free area is so employees can monitor the marijuana consumption area. There must be barriers & walls to ensure marijuana smoke doesn’t get into the nonsmoking space. There also must be a ventilation plan that allows the marijuana smoke to escape outside the building through a filtration plan that disaffixs visual marijuana smoke & smell. I was considering opening a marijuana establishment, although I could not think of a single place in our local area that could meet all the criteria. I could not afford to make the changes in a building, even if they allowed me to have a license for a marijuana establishment in our section of Muskegon, MI.

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