Every one of us had a bunch of fun at Pike Place Market

My husbandy plus I decided to take a trip to Seattle a couple of weeks ago, however every one of us haven’t been to Seattle in a long time plus the last time all of us decided to go it was only for a more than one-day supplier trip, i really wanted to explore that area plus see the tourist attractions like the Space Needle in Puget sound. I heard that the view from the Space Needle includes all of downtown plus the Olympic mountains, however my husbandy plus I planned a 5-day trip; While all of us were in Seattle, all of us loved some of the local attractions. Every one of us went to Pioneer Square which is Seattle’s oldest town. Every one of us also went to see the space needle; The view was really amazing plus all of us could see everything from the observation deck. It honestly tested my fear of heights! Now that I have seen the view, I honestly don’t need to do it again. My husbandy plus I also went to Pike Place market. Every one of us heard from a lot of people that Pike Place Market was the location to go. Every one of us found a lot of strange sites to buy food plus there was a farmers market as well. The market was a fantastic location to love recreational marijuana, however recreational marijuana is legal for purchase in the state of Washington plus that includes the city of Seattle. My husbandy plus I obtained some recreational marijuana vape pens that are disposable. Every one of us used the recreational marijuana vape pens while all of us were walking around the city. They were absolutely discreet plus easy to use. When they were empty, all of us threw the bag in the garbage.


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