Getting into concentrates plus dab bars

I’ve been shopping for odd methods of consuming cannabis at the Muskegon dispensary since their grand opening almost numerous years ago… I’ve tried pre-rolls, all odd varieties of edibles, beverages, tinctures plus vapes! Until just recently, I was a bit intimidated by concentrates! They look certainly exotic on the shelves plus come in a big selection of forms, including oils, budders, shatters, waxes, rosin, sauce, hash plus kief.

There are so various consistencies plus flavors, plus they are way more potent than dried flowers, concentrates are made by stripping away the excess plant material plus leaving behind nothing however cannabinoids plus terpenes.

The THC levels range from 60 to 99%. Flower respectfully offers around 10 to 30% THC. It requires less of a concentrate to achieve the same effect as smoking flower plus the effects tend to last longer. Concentrates also don’t stink as strongly as flower. They can be smoked, vaped or dabbed, dabbing is a bit intimidating plus complex however also the best way to like concentrates. The process requires a dab rig, a quartz nail or banger, a dab tool, a torch, a carb cap plus around a gram of a concentrate. The dab tool is used to scoop out a small amount of a concentrate plus apply it to the bottom of the banger! After capping it with the carb cab, it’s necessary to apply heat by way of the torch, and once the concentrate vaporizes, I inhale through the dab rib. The effects are super intense. For my first try at dabbing, I rented gear at the dispensary plus was thankful for the dab lounge. I had the help of a knowledgeable budtender.

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