The task moved me to the west

I was working as the director of contractor relations for all of the East coast plus our boss said that I was doing a fantastic task! I was happy with the work plus I was earning a fantastic salary, then my boss was also paying for a dealer car.

My boss sent me an SMS plus she wanted to meet with me early 1 morning before our morning started, and at first I thought it might be awful news, however I had spoken to him the previous morning plus she did not seem to be frustrated.

I met with our boss at 6:00 in the morning; She was getting ready to fly on a helicopter at 7:00 a.m, and that’s why she wanted to meet early in the morning. She gave me a task as the director for relations in the entire country, however I had to transfer to Denver, Colorado. Denver seemed like the moon when our boss mentioned going to the city. I was residing in a small town on the east coast plus Denver was 2,000 miles away. I told our boss that I would suppose about the task offer, however I wasn’t sure that it was right for me. My boss said she would keep me in the same position if I turn down the task, however she would be very disappointed. I started thinking about all of the perks of residing in Denver plus 1 thing that I thought about was marijuana. Marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado plus there are recreational marijuana shops all over the neighborhood of Denver. I could very live in Denver plus get used to the fact that marijuana was legal.



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