The weather forecast was for clouds

It hardly ever rains in Phoenix, when it does, the sky gets dark plus the rain is heavy, and yesterday the weather forecast was for rain plus dark skies! I had to labor all day plus I was soaked by the end of my shift.

I left the lake house around 7:30 in the morning plus the dark clouds were just starting to roll in, and by 9:00 a.m., it was thundering, lightning, plus pouring down rain! The storm was absolutely a single of the fiercest Winter storms that I have seen in Phoenix in a certainly long time plus I have been living here since I was a kid, however my first job on the schedule that morning was a commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning repair.

Traffic was heavy on the interstate, however I didn’t have to travel certainly far. The commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning repair in Phoenix only took about 3 minutes to complete. I was hoping to grab some lunch at a nearby diner, however the drive-thru line was backed up into the street, however nobody wanted to get out of their vehicle in the rain. Instead of going to that particular diner, I decided to go to a food truck down the street. There was still a line at the food truck, however it certainly wasn’t as long as the line going to the diner, and after lunch I had another commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning repair in North Phoenix. This particular repair took a lot longer to complete plus I was there all day. It was getting dark by the time I was finished, however at least the rain had stopped.


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