I was a ski bum in Denver and that was a fun time

Our goal was to find the cheapest ski property my buddy and I could find and hit the slopes, then at the time – some 20 years ago at this point – Ed and I had actually little money.

My friend and I did have skis, and gear, and enough gas money to get the best slopes in this part of Colorado! Halfway up the mountain our vehicle stalled out, and then skidded off the road into an embankment, then the vehicle was old and problematic anyway, so instead of calling for a wrecker Ed and I decided to pack up our gear and keep walking up the mountain. My friend and I were just outside of Denver, with no way to get back home, however our top priority was to ski! 24 hours later my buddy and I were hoofing it back into town carrying our ski gear because my buddy and I no longer had a ride. Thankfully Denver takes care of its visitors, and my buddy and I found a local hostel with a room my buddy and I could afford. The next afternoon Ed went out to explore the section in Denver, and try to score some cannabis for us. At this time cannabis was not yet legal in Denver, however it still wasn’t hard to find, and in fact, Ed scored some extra cannabis on spec, so my buddy and I could sell it around Denver and make a little extra money, and ed and I became Denver ski bums, living afternoon by afternoon, and hustling to make enough money to hit the slopes again. Ed and I lived in Denver for roughly six months, and to this afternoon I consider it the most fun I’ve ever had.



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