Making new friends in Denver with cannabis

Cannabis can be a great way to get to know people.

All the cannabis smokers out there know this already, but for any non-smokers let me break it down for you – if you’re at a party and feel a little awkward, just start passing around a joint or a blunt.

Pretty soon the conversations will start, and by the end of that joint everyone in the room will feel like an old friend. Weed just inspires a feeling of community, and when you all have a good time together, you start to bond and become friends. This is how it works on the micro level, but on the macro level it works, too, and I use the city of Denver, Colorado as an example. Denver feels like the entire city shared a joint, and instantly became best friends in a few minutes. I am not saying that everyone in Denver smokes cannabis, I just use weed as an analogy to explain the sense of community here. If anything, most people in Denver bond over the array of sports teams. Denver has great programs for football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, and even bowling! Denver is a sports town just as much as it’s a Mecca of Marijuana. Personally, I love both of these things, and try to combine my passions for cannabis and the Denver sports teams whenever possible. Smoking cannabis inside a sports bar is still illegal in Denver, which means I have to host killer parties at my house for the major sporting events. Thankfully, there is a cannabis dispensary near my house.

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