The local repairman completed the HVAC tune-up service

Every year during the summer, I worry about the condition of the AC unit in my house.

  • It’s very hot and dry during the summer months and the AC unit has to work very hard to keep the house cool and comfortable.

A few years ago I bought a window AC unit for the living room to help the indoor air conditions. I think it actually helped take some of the pressure off of the home AC unit so it didn’t have to work as hard. In order to make sure that my system is running efficiently every season, I have a regularly scheduled tune-up service on the air conditioner. I use a company in Phoenix that is well known for providing great customer service, quality repairs, and excellent prices. I scheduled an appointment for earlier this week so I could have the scheduled tune-up service completed. The local repairman covered every single part of the system. I watched for a couple of minutes while he worked, but he seemed very methodical and thorough. I didn’t feel like I needed to watch him work for the whole time. When the young man was done, he gave me a list of items that he checked as well as a list of items that were of concern. One item that was of concern was the low amount of refrigerant in the system. The repairman suggested I might have a leak and recommended servicing the system soon or that same day. I decided to have the additional Services completed so the AC unit was ready for the hot Phoenix summer.



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