Insulating the attic improves energy efficiency

At one time, I considered the attic nothing more than a storage space.

  • Having a full attic provides the perfect location for clothing my kids have grown out of, photo albums, extra furniture, suitcases and Christmas decorations.

While I noticed that the attic tended to feel extremely overheated in the summer and especially chilly in the winter, I never gave it much thought. A little over a year ago, when the HVAC contractor was completing maintenance on the furnace, I complained about the cost of my energy bills. The contractor suggested several energy saving measures, including attic insulation. I had no idea if my attic was insulated or not. He said that the attic is actually designed as a barrier against the outdoor conditions. A properly insulated attic helps to reduce the workload of the furnace and air conditioner. Since warm air tends to migrate to cooler locations, an attic that isn’t sealed tight can lead to a great deal of energy waste. Living in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, heating and cooling are essential nearly all year round. We deal with temperatures in the negatives as well as the triple digits. The cost of running the furnace and air conditioner is considerable. An inspection of the attic revealed that the insulation was insufficient and had been degraded by rodents and moisture. I hired the HVAC company to tear out the old insulation and install new. I immediately noticed an improvement. The attic is no longer severely overheated or chilly, and there’s been a decrease in the cost of my utility bills.

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