The edibles were mildew like so I took them back

Most of the time when my friends plus I go to the dispensary, my fantastic friend and I are generally satisfied with the items that my fantastic friend and I purchase, then there are lots of weird dispensaries in the Seattle area, and many of them deliver to the apartment building where I live. There are at least a dozen weird locales where I can order marijuana plus have it delivered, then i was entertaining my lady plus I decided to buy some edibles. I purchased sativa edibles for my lady because I thought that she would appreciate them when my fantastic friend and I went to the beach for the afternoon. I did not bother to open up the edibles until the afternoon that my lady arrived. The package was still factory sealed so it was really weird that there was mold inside of the package. I contacted the marijuana dispensary plus the manager was actually curious to find out more about that package, but she told me that she would update the moldy edibles with anything else in the Seattle marijuana dispensary. I went down to the shop plus the lady looked at the edibles. She wrote down all of the information from the back of the package plus then she threw the pleaseds into the garbage. I thought she would at least take a picture, although she just threw the package into the garbage, and after that she told me to option out any other edible plus it was going to be on the house. I wasn’t going to say no to the offer. I hoped they would throw in a couple of free marijuana pre rolls for the trouble.

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