Denver is worth taking the flight

Basically I do not like everything about flying on an jetliner, however the actual flight itself isn’t bad, just a little cramped and stifling.

The worst part is dealing with the airports… I have to get a ride to the airport, or pay a ridiculous fee to park there.

Then I have to check luggage, stand in line, and go through security checkpoints. Then there are more lines I have to stand in. I do not like the entire experience, which means if I do take a flight it better be somewhere amazing, when I was invited to spend a weekend in Denver with an old friend, I knew it was worth the trip. I first met Desmond while in college, during Spring break. I was at the beach from my school, and Desmond had come down from the college in Denver for the week. We had a brief, but amazing, romance, before he flew back to Denver. We talked over social media for a while, but things stagnated due to the long distance. I was eager to see him again, and see if that spark could be rekindled, so I pushed past my do not like of airlines and went to Denver, Colorado for a six afternoon getaway. I have to say that things with Desmond went so well I pushed back my return flight by a whole week, just to stay longer in Denver, then desmond is gorgeous, sweet, funny, and he is the co-owner of a major Denver cannabis dispensary. Instead of flying back and forth to see him, I should just transport to Denver for good.

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