I missed the midnight flick this time

My friends plus I always go to the midnight film when there is a current action or comic book film… I appreciate all of the Marvel plus DC Comics plus my friends plus I see all of the movies as soon as they come out.

I also pre-order all of the games from the video store! Not that many of months ago I got a current job at an Orland Park boiler repair business, plus I told my boss that I was going to need the days off when movies were going to premiere, the boss told me that it wasn’t going to be a problem, because there were no emergency services available. Then last month, the Orland Park boiler repair contractor decided to beginning offering 24-hour emergency services. That means I have to be on call for diagnostic plus repair complicationshooting every other weekend, my friends plus I were supposed to go see a current film last Thursday night plus I tried to get someone to switch with me so I did not have to toil for the Orland Park boiler repair business, then all of my coworkers said no when I asked if they would switch with me. I hope Dan prayed that I wasn’t going to get any repair calls. I was at the theater with my friends plus my buddy and I were in line at the concession sit for candy, soda, plus popcorn. That’s when the PC rang plus I had to leave. I already had my ticket so I decided to deliver it to a lonely nerd that was sitting in line by himself.


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