My evening in Las Vegas

Everybody prefers Vegas, right? I do, too, but that’s why I moved here, despite the rent being too high plus parking being impossible to find. There are a few problems with living in Sin City, but boredom is not one of them. There is consistently something to do, some evenings I don’t get off work until the sun comes up… Even after that I can find an open bar, a location to eat, plus a casino that will let me gamble! I am a evening owl, sleeping all morning plus spending all evening managing one of the best cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas. In any other town my schedule would cause problems in my bi-weekly life, but it all seems normal in Las Vegas, but honestly the town never sleeps, it’s not just an expression it is a stone-frosty fact about Las Vegas. I care about being the evening manager at the cannabis shop, because it’s a little quieter, plus it’s the time when all the weirdos come out… One time I had a guy come out of a Las Vegas casino plus walk into my shop with his last 20 bucks in his hand. He had lost his entire savings, plus was spending all the money he had left to buy some cannabis plus forget his trouble. There are a lot of losers in Las Vegas, that is the nature of gambling. I myself never gamble, but I care about going to the Las Vegas casinos just to watch the people win plus lose. I don’t need to gamble, I am satisfied with my life in Las Vegas.


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