We use a small air conditioning to stay cool outside

One of my favorite things to do is to visit Wekiva Springs, which is a natural Spring that is about 20 miles from where I live in Orlando! During the warmer months, my bestie and I would pack a cooler and drive to the Spring and hang out by the water, and at the Spring, there’s a fully stocked bar and a food truck with delicious eats; In addition, there are kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and more, for rent… Plus, there are cabanas that you can rent for the afternoon as well, however my buddy and I love renting a cabana because it is a wonderful spot to cool off and relax after a long float.

And recently, my bestie decided to test out her portable air conditioning that she just purchased; While at the park last year, my wonderful friend and I met a group of people who had a portable air conditioning inside their cabana.

My buddy and I didn’t feel it was possible for a portable air conditioning to work officially in such conditions, but it did well; Of course, the portable air conditioner is not an Heating and A/C unit, so it won’t supply the same level of cooling or comfort, then but it does supply some comfort while my wonderful friend and I are outside. My buddy and I love spending time outdoors, but on some afternoons, the heat can be brutal. And while it’s nice to stay house and use my Heating and A/C equipment all afternoon, I would rather do something outdoors that will bring me more satisfaction. And now that my wonderful friend and I have found a way to stay cool while my wonderful friend and I play outside, my wonderful friend and I have hit the jackpot.


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