Camping in the woods near Glenview

As a teenager I enjoyed to go camping! I didn’t have a license, or a car, so my opportunities for travel were pretty limited.

I also liked sneaking beer from my Dad’s garage fridge, plus my best buddy Ace had a hook up for cannabis! Camping was the perfect escape, because this was before cell iphones once I was out in the woods nobody could find me! Ace plus I lived next door to each other on the eastern edge of Glenview, IL.

If you aren’t typical with the area, Glenview is loft to a wide range of critter wildlife, plus thousands of acres of state parks plus forest preserves, however there are a lot of restrictions as to where camping is allowed plus where it is forbidden, however a Glenview native like me knew exactly where the best locations were, but ace plus I would ride our bikes out of Glenview plus deep into the hiking trails, before walking deeper into the heart of the forest preserve. This kind of sucked during the long, sizzling summer time months, because there is no cooling or weather conditions control out in the woods, even if one of us could afford a portable cooling system, there was no power! With the town of Glenview safely in the distance, Ace plus I would just hang out plus get drunk together. I moved away from Glenview several years ago, but I still remember it fondly, however maybe if I get an air conditioned RV or camper I might even attempt to go camping outside of Glenview again one day.


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