Everything is working out great in South Bend

Jerry and I met over Facebook, and were friends for a couple of years before we started talking seriously.

Over time things began to heat up, and we decided to try being a real couple together.

There was one problem, of course – that being I lived on the coast, and Jerry lived in South Bend, Indiana. He owned a small business, and had very little leeway in terms of moving. On the other hand, I had my HVAC certification and several years of work experience, so I could go anywhere in the country and easily find a job. That’s the greatest part about HVAC work, people, you can take those skills with you wherever you go! South Bend is perhaps the perfect place for an HVAC tech, because the winters are wicked and the summers can be quite muggy. This means that my HVAC skills are in demand throughout the year. There isn’t a “busy season” in South Bend, because for me every season is equally busy. I have spikes in business whenever the local sports teams are doing well, because people need perfect HVAC for their homes to host the famous South Bend sports parties. Even if things don’t work out with Jerry I am very glad I decided to move to South Bend, because my career is at an all-time high. However, I have to tell you that things between Jerry and I are going quite well. I have a great career and a great partner, so I am loving life here in South Bend. You can find true love online after all.

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