My parents came to visit me in Lakeland

I moved to Lakeland, Florida about 6 months ago after I got a task working at an investment firm, however lakeland is a neighborhood in Florida that is situated east of Tampa, then it is about an hour from the gulf and an hour from Orlando! There are lots of fun activities in Lakeland. The whole area is surrounded by water, and there are at least three large lakes nearby where fishing, jet skiing, and kayaking are fun activities, but my parents weren’t honestly cheerful when I moved from Jacksonville all the way to Lakeland. They were sad that they were never going to see me again. I tried to tell my parents that Lakeland isn’thonestly that far from their home. I was surprised when they decided to come visit last weekend. My bestie and I wanted my parents to be comfortable, so my friend and I set up the spare kitchen in our home with a bed and a dresser, and a small portable AC unit. Temperatures in Lakeland are a little bit warmer than the temperatures in the northern part of the state. I wanted my parents to be comfortable, so I bought a portable AC component so they could adjust the indoor temperatures to whatever they wanted. My parents were honestly impressed with our home and all of the labor my friend and I put into making them comfortable. They were supposed to stay for 3 mornings, however they ended up staying for six. My parents liked the portable AC component so much that they were going to steal the device and take it home with them.


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