Springfield was great for my career

Because I had my HVAC certification, I was confident about moving blindly to Springfield.

I knew that my education and skill set could land me a good job anywhere in the USA.

It was a leap of faith, but a calculated one. The biggest factor in this equation was a woman named Penny, because she was the reason I moved to Springfield, MO in the first place. In retrospect I should have come out to visit Springfield for a few weeks before moving… but I was young and dumb, just 23 at the time, so it seemed like an adventure. Penny proved to be more of an adventure than I could handle, because it turns out it’s really easy to hide bipolar disorder only, but harder to hide in person. At this point I was in Springfield, so I needed to stick to my choices and make a life here. Penny might not have worked out, but my HVAC certification came in clutch, and allowed me to quickly find work in the Springfield construction industry. There are sixty seven different towns and communities in the United States that are named Springfield, and yet I guarantee you that Springfield, MO is the best of them all. You can’t argue with numbers, and in Springfield the number keeps going up – a settlement that started with 400 people now has a population of well over 160,000. That population keeps rising every single year, which means that a certified HVAC tech can make his own hours, and make a whole lot of money in Springfield.

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