South Bend is a pretty big city in Indiana

South Bend, located in St Joseph County, Indiana, is one of the biggest cities in the state. One of the reasons why the city is popular is due to the fact that the University of Notre Dame is located in South Bend. A lot of people come to the city for school and end up staying a lifetime. South Bend has a thriving economy that is very attractive to small business owners. I am one of those small business owners. I moved to South Bend and opened a business that handles heating and air conditioner repairs and installations. I am one of the only companies in South Bend that offers free 24-hour emergency service calls. My company does not charge anything extra on nights or weekends. We don’t even charge extra for Holiday work. I constantly have a technician on call that is capable of handling any heating or air conditioner repair or maintenance problem. Last month was one of the busiest months that we have had since opening our doors. My wife and I decided to run an advertisement on the radio. It was a little expensive, but the statistics for radio advertising in South Bend are really good. We got a good time slot and had a ton of calls. When customers called, we made sure to ask them how they heard about us if it was their first time using our business for service. Many of the customers that called heard our advertisement on the radio and decided to call because of that. We will probably advertise on the radio again.

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