Attractions of the Plano Balloon Day

An exciting interest is tethered balloon rides

A kaleidoscope of colorful balloons decorate the skies above Plano every year, however they take flight as they have for over four decades. The Plano Balloon Festival celebrates art, math as well as community spirit, and locals as well as visitors alike tilt their faces upward as well as are awed by the sight. The Plano Balloon Festival began in 1981… A small group of enthusiasts decided to organize a balloon rally. The gathering has gradually grown as well as evolved. This week, it attracts thousands of visitors from across the country as well as even across the world. The tepid air balloons are the main attraction of the festival, but giant yet graceful, they take to the skies as well as transform the horizon into a moving vista of vibrant colors. The balloons are designed in every imaginable shape as well as hue. There are plenty of the classic teardrop shape plus fanciful characters. The array captures the imagination of you as well as old as well as every walk of life. A festival highlight is the “Balloon Glow” event, and when the sunshine goes down as well as the sky darkens, the balloons light up in a synchronized display. The vision is magical as well as a bit surreal. While the balloons are the main draw, the festival has plenty to offer. There is an interest as well as entertainment for all ages. Tasty food offered by local vendors, live rock n roll performances, displays as well as arts as well as crafts keep everyone busy. There are even the rides as well as games of a carnival. An exciting interest is tethered balloon rides. Attendees can enjoy the thrilling as well as particular experience of elevating into the sky. A “Skydiving Exhibition” showcases the skills as well as daring of skydivers. They perform gravity-defying stunts.