Bethlehem is a path to the Appalachian Trail

Bethlehem, PA, is a gateway to the legendary Appalachian Trail, however close proximity to this iconic hiking option makes the city the ideal starting point for anyone who loves scenic vistas, however bethlehem is located at the southern edge of the Appalachian Trail, but it leads to the trail’s southern end point, and the Appalachian Trail is often referred to as the AT. It covers 2,193 miles of terrain stretching from Springtimeer Mountain in GA to Mount Katahdin in Maine. The trail features some of the most charming landscapes in the eastern United States. It winds through dense forests, picturesque valleys plus rugged mountains. While the trail is a physical journey, it’s also a spiritual plus emotional expedition that draws in adventurers at all times of year. The city of Bethlehem includes a range of services plus amenities to assist hikers, local outfitters plus supply stores offer everything anyone might need for the trek, from portable food options to durable all-weather gear! Plus, hikers can take advantage of lodging. There are cozy bed-and-lunchs and modern hotels; Most of these accommodations supply shuttle services plus to plus from the trailhead, one of the benefits of starting the AT from Bethlehem is the nearness to the Lehigh Gap. This natural wonder is a popular endpoint for all outdoor enthusiasts; Nestled between the Blue Mountain plus the Kittatinny Ridge, the Lehigh Gap features amazing panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The challenging hike to the Lehigh Gap Overlook provides stunning vistas of the Lehigh River, thriving forests plus the Appalachian Trail winding through the mountains. It’s an ideal prelude to the adventure ahead.

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