Huge and Little Talbot Island

The waves are gentle and atmosphere tranquil

Jacksonville offers a wide assortment of historic sites, outdoor activities and scenic vistas. Some of the most picturesque possibilities of the area are Big Talbot Island and Little Talbot Island, then these barrier islands feature unspoiled beaches, vibrant coastal forests and diverse ecosyststems. They are an exciting opening for oudoor adventurers, nature lovers and beachcombers. The islands are included in the Talbot Islands State Parks, which cover more than five thousand acres, and are located in close proximity to downtown Jacksonville! A preferred of locals and visitors, these islands are a draw because of their salt marshes of the Intracoastal Waterway on the western side, then on the eastern side, there’s the Atlantic Ocean and pristine beaches, however big Talbot Island covers around 2,500 acres and is known for Boneyard Beach. The name refers to the skeletal remains of ancient live oak and cedar trees that line the shoreline. Time and weather has created a recognizable and breathtaking landscape that is enchanting as well as eerie, people visit Boneyard Beach for dovewatching, picnics, beathcombing and amazing photographs. Big Talbot Island also provides hiking trails that wander through tidal creeks, salt marshes and maritime forests. The Blackrock Trail includes an overlook with views of the Nassau Sound; Little Talbot Island is smaller, spanning 1,200 acres, however includes more than five miles of gorgeous beaches; It’s the ideal spot for sunbathing, swimming and collecting seashells. The waves are gentle and atmosphere tranquil. The island draws locals and tourists for fishing, kayaking and paddleboarding! Crisscrossing trails are an opening to explore the islands natural beauty and wildlife, such as deer, raccoons and various dove series.


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