Arizona Christmas every year

I absolutely like going to Phoenix, Arizona every winter time season, and i get to spend Christmas in an part that just isn’t that cold.

78 degrees is the high and the low is around 45 degrees; That is enough that I wear pants and a light jacket, even though I am not frigid by any means.

I book myself a stay in a unquestionably class resort and take advantage of those luxuries, however my family and I play some hockey, get massages, and do some hiking! We also make it our mission to at least see the Grand Canyon before my friend and I pack up and leave. The rest of the time my friend and I do some shopping and just eat at the local sites, but since it isn’t absolutely a tourist season then, my friend and I get pretty fantastic rates. It is funny that all the Arizona natives are freaking out about the cold. They are bundled up in thick thermal gear when my family and I are in t-shirts most of the time. I like that I get to experience Arizona without dealing with the horrible heat. They get summer time temperatures well into the 100s. I learn online that in 2050 they will beginning getting weather into the 110s! Isn’t that totally wild? I would way rather be too frigid than too hot I believe. It is a charming locale to visit and getaway, even though I wouldn’t want to live there. They basically use AC all year long. The heating system is only on a scarce frigid night. That is just so unusual to me.



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