Beer-making dates and I hate beer

I have lived in Springfield, MO my whole life. There is quite a beer scene here. A lot of people try their hand out at making beer and there are a lot of breweries if you want a professional’s stock. Well, I don’t like beer. There, I said it. I think it looks and tastes like pee. I tried drinking a beer at a baseball game once and almost vomited. The smell and taste are just vile to me. I keep it quite close to the chest though. If people hear I don’t like beer they get all offended. Everyone wants me to try a specific beer. All beer tastes the same. Whether it is a local Springfield, MO brew or a tried and true beer, I hate them all. They all taste gross. Well, I recently went on a date and the guy took me to Show Me Brewing. It is a part of the Springfield beer experience. You can make your own craft of beer. You get paired with a brewmaster and they guide you through the process. You then were able to take your craft home. It was a very unique and cute date idea. But the guy loved beer and really was excited to make and try out everyone’s blend. I hate beer and at first tried to hide it. Then I had to let the cat out of the bag mid date and it was super awkward. How do you engage in cute date banter making beer when you hate it? You don’t. I didn’t get a second date with that guy.


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