Do I want my kids growing up in Orland Park?

I often wondered if I wanted my kids growing up in Orland Park, IL.

When we were growing up, there didn’t seem to be as much crime as there is now, and I was worried.

I started doing some research on Orland Park and how safe it was to live there and raise a family. I thought it may just be my neighborhood that seemed safe, but I was wrong. All of my research showed that Orland Park, IL was one of the safest places to raise a family. It has good schools and a lot of things for children to do. The weather may not be perfect all the time, but that’s okay. You appreciate spring more when you have a harsh winter. You appreciate fall more when the winter is frigid and snowy. You learn to appreciate your HVAC more because it keeps you comfortable. I looked around at all the fun things there is to do in Orland Park. We had Sky Zone, Gizmo’s Fun Factory, and our famous Centennial Water Park. The older kids got to go to the water parks and visit all the museums we offer. I wouldn’t want to take that away from any kids we have. I grew up okay living in Orland Park, and I survived the heat and cold because of excellent HVAC. Maybe some of this was because of my mom and dad, but I plan on being a parent that is just as good as they are. After all, you learn by example and not by what people tell you is right or wrong.



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