Found a spot in Lakeland to get married

Another bonus is that we don’t have to drive too far to get what we want

My husband and I live in Florida and we were looking for a place to get married. I started hunting around looking for locations nearby that were beautiful. I found that Lakeland Florida is a gorgeous spot. There is water, wildlife, and plants all over the place. It is low key, the weather is great, and it is so pretty. After looking around at what Lakeland Florida has to offer, I found that Hollis Garden was where I wanted to go. It offers lush greenery and florals that are the perfect backdrop to pictures. There are also places to host a large group of people or a small crow for a wedding. They have done weddings there before. What is great is that afterwards, Lakeland does offer a lot of options for bars and entertainment. There are plenty of places to stay as far as hotels, airbnbs, and condos. I am really confident that this is going to be the best location for my husband and I to get married in. It is beautiful, the weather will hold, and there are tons of accommodations. Even if we don’t get into the garden, I am happy to pick another location in Lakeland to host us. The spot offers so many diverse backdrops that will be just perfect. Another bonus is that we don’t have to drive too far to get what we want. I hate to ask my family to leave so far from home just to see us get married. It wouldn’t be worth it at all.

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