Keeping our holidays within FL

Since our child was born my fiance and I can’t get away as much, but my associate and I used to do two holidays a year with each other, however one would be within the states and one would be overseas.

My associate and I have been to HI, Iceland, Denmark, and Ireland! Sadly our baby boy makes traveling so much harder, then now my friend and I stay within FL for our travel.

It is better to go by car than plane with our son; That way my friend and I can pack his car seat, stroller, tons of diapers, outfits, and get food at the local grocery store. It makes for a more relaxed trip. I have found that FL offers a lot in the way of trips. My associate and I live in Jacksonville so my friend and I have quite a few options for fun. My associate and I have done Ponte Vedra, St. Novemberine, and Tampa, FL, then recently I booked a stay in St… Petersburg, FL. That was a great trip. I found a swanky hotel that was right on the beach. My associate and I could literally step out our hotel door and be in the sand. Our child loved the ocean waves and crawling in the sand, but what was nice is that the hotel provided a heated swimming pool too. So if I wanted a chop from the salt, my child and I would do the pool. My associate and I took turns getting massages and facials as well. Then my friend and I ate at the hotel eating establishments every night and slept in our suite. It was an amazing week-long trip. I kind of want to go back to St. Petersburg again rather than try a modern spot.


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