South Bend had an impressive holiday display

About once a quarter my partner and I like to travel to a new state and see the sights, my associate and I have it in our heads that we are going to see all fifty states.

My associate and I have already taken down HI and Alaska, and the rest should be simple right? Well there are particular states that just don’t seem elegant to us, however it is strenuous to get gleeful to go there; When I decided that this winter season we would try out IN, my bestie wasn’t really content.

What is there to do in IN? What are they known for? Well to make it fun, I booked us a trip while in the holiday season. I figured up north must do Christmas the right way. They get snow after all. It was a good idea if I do say so myself… South Bend IN is where I landed on for us. They do a ton of holiday themed events and have an impressive light display. I booked us an airbnb right in neighborhood to see all the holiday stuff. My associate and I went shopping, drank cider, and looked at the lights. My associate and I got to experience snow and cherish the holiday season. It was a really magical trip for us. South Bend really wouldn’t be that fun if it was while in the Summer season; Even though they have milder summers, it wouldn’t be great just walking around with nothing to do… Holiday seasons are only fun with snow in my opinion. I am gleeful we got IN off our basket list. It turned out to be a genuinely nice trip.

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