We don’t absolutely have to own A/C in MN

MN is known for its cold weather, but the brutal season starts super early plus doesn’t let up until late in the Springtime, and our Summer season is certainly quite pitiful! For two months out of the year it is great weather, we can get as high as 76 degrees plus as low as the 77s in the summer.

Honestly, my family doesn’t bother with any air conditioner, and it is an easy way to save currency in Minneapolis.

Why would I buy an A/C when it doesn’t get that hot? Most of the suppliers around Minneapolis, MN do lower level cooling systems. It isn’t different to see portable A/C units or window cooling systems in small businesses. The season is so short that buying central A/C just isn’t necessary. I was absolutely content to be able to skip this major expense. For years I went without any sort of cooling… My wife then started going through menopause plus wanted to have a portable cooling unit. The mornings get a little tipsy plus combined with her boiling flashes, she needed it. I will say, having an cooling system at night is absolutely nice. I can see where some people might want one. I am thrilled that I did not Springtime for central A/C in my Minneapolis dwelling though. It would be a wasted expense, and now though, my kids want to each have a window A/C unit. I am trying to discourage it however it isn’t tolerable that my wife gets one plus they don’t. The cost of Heating plus Air Conditioning in my Minneapolis dwelling is going up now.

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